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Discuss about issues related to Medical licensing and specific requirements of all 50 State medical boards. Should one use the FCVS or not? Share tips and tricks to speed up the process of getting a medical license.


Postby FCVS » 13 Mar 2005, 16:36

register with FCVS if you are planning on getting licenses in more than 2 states or planning frequent moves to different states.

California license and FCVS

Postby Gajendra » 01 Jun 2005, 17:49

If you are licensed in another state then how long it takes to get the license in California? Is it the same process for all the original diploma and other stuff or just endorement of the license of other states.
One more questions: Which state uses FCVS and which one do their own stuff? I was looking on the FCVS website but couldn't find it any where.

Advice please?

Postby Nitin in La » 22 Aug 2005, 14:26

I am currently in CA and am a graduate of Australian Medical school. I want to apply for a transitional or a Internal Medicine Prelim(pgy1) year in CA. I will be done with my USMLE's by October 15th.

1) Do I need to get a license application started before I apply for PGY1?

2) If the processs takes 3-4 months, I will not have it done by Dec, which is the deadlines for most places?

Any thougts?
Nitin in La

Re: california medical board

Postby Natalie Lowe » 23 Mar 2006, 15:57

In ordert to obtain an application packet for the California Status Letter, you will need to contact the Consumer Information Unit of the Medical Board of California at 916-263-2382, Option 1. Please do not email me as I no longer work in that department.

Anonymous wrote:Contact california medical board and they will send you the whole BS application packet for the status letter. The whole packet is goofy and it takes about 8-10 months to get the letter. But you can apply if you can prove that you have applied for status letter. send an e mail to her name is Natalie Lowe and she is the corrospondent for the status letter in the california medical board. she will send you the packet and you can get the required information from her. I got this packet too but it is so goofy that instead of filling it, I am preparing for the exam. After my exams I will contact her for more informations. FYI to apply for this letter you should have your step1 &2 scores, your college transcript and medical degree/diploma ready for them as they want all the original documents. I am appearing in my exam on 23rd June. If you get more information about this please forward it to my e mail.
Good luck in everything
Natalie Lowe

California PTAL: training deficiency

Postby indian4fmg » 23 Jul 2008, 20:25

i am an IMG who planning to apply to california. My internship training have deficiencies as per the PTAL requirements. I have 2 wks training in peadiatrics and none for psyche. How can I make up this defiency? Does it have to be done at my medical school only?? Can it be done at any hospital or another medical school in India?

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Re: California Medical License

Postby plabforu » 31 Jul 2008, 19:39

It can be done at any ACGME accredited training program in the US, Canada or your medical school in your country. It is easier to do it in your medical school and get an updated certificate. Again: It has to be hands on training......
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Re: California Medical License

Postby IMGcanada » 03 Feb 2010, 23:44

Dear License expert
I am an IMG and i am finsing my residency in Canada, i have done 6 years of postgraduate residency in Canada also i have done all the Canadain Lisence exames ( LMCC 1 and 2).
I am looking to get licence in California, do i still need to do USMLE ( i know Canadain graduate does not need to do if they have LMCC).

thank you
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