MedStudy IM Reviev 2006 videos

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MedStudy IM Reviev 2006 videos

Postby DaniD » 23 Mar 2008, 03:46

For just 100$ with FREE SHIPPING as internet downloading from third part servers you could have the complete MedStudy 2006 IM Review series. The videos are in AVI format, reencoded from the orriginal DVDs, as 320x240 resolution (perfect form PPC, PDA...), 14.950 fps, 22050Hz 1 chanel audio, pakt with a total of 6.17Gb of material. It includes:
01 Rheumatology 1.avi
02 Rheumatology 2.avi
03 Pulmonary 1.avi
04 Pulmonary 2.avi
05 Pulmonary 3.avi
06 Oncology.avi
07 Infectious Diseases 1.avi
08 Infectious Diseases 2.avi
09 Infectious Diseases 3.avi
10 Neurology.avi
11 Nephrology.avi
12 Dermatology.avi
13 Hematology.avi
14 General IM 1.avi
15 General IM 2.avi
16 Gastro 1.avi
17 Gastro 2.avi
18 Endo 1.avi
19 Endo 2.avi
20 Endo 3.avi
21 Cardiology 1.avi
22 Cardiology 2.avi
23 Preview disc.avi

For detail please write me at
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Re: MedStudy IM Reviev 2006 videos

Postby medstudycopyright » 03 Jul 2008, 14:21

From MedStudy: Okay, this fellow is a pirate of MedStudy intellectual property. We painstakingly write and produce the very best IM and Peds review products possible so you are able to pass your Boards and be a better doctor. If you appreciate our work, we hope you'll come directly to us for it and help put thieves like this out of business. If you have been duped in the past, let us know and we'll make things right for you. If you have information regarding this or any other copyright infringer, please send the information to Together we'll track down these crooks and prosecute them. We want to serve you, our valued customers, as well as possible. Putting pirates out of business will help us do that.
Thank you so very much for your cooperation and assistance.
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