Arizona Medical License

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Arizona Medical License

Postby Licensure Expert » 25 Jan 2004, 01:12

Arizona Medical Licensure :arrow:

Arizona State Board Of Medical Examiners - No limits on the number of attempts made to pass each USMLE Step. However, you must complete all steps of the USMLE within a 7 year time period. To be eligible to sit for the step 3 exam, US medical graduates must have completed 6 months of US Postgraduate training / Internship. IMGs should complete 6 months of post graduate training - Internship / Residency / Fellowship Application fee $ 500, Controlled substance fee $ 200.:lol:

Permanent medical licensure: US graduates, are eligible to apply for permanent medical license after completion of 1 year of GME / postgraduate training (Internship, Residency or Fellowship). International Medical graduates (IMGs) require completion of 3 years of GME / postgraduate training to be eligible to apply for permanent medical license.
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Postby Anuu » 04 Feb 2004, 13:27

How long does it take to get a Arizona State medical license?

how long does az traing permit for residents take

Postby glucola » 03 May 2005, 10:35

Myprogram sent the aplication forms together for the traing permit to be issued (for all residents), was wondering if it would be wise to call Az board if my permit has been approved yet, since i did not send to the board personally.


Postby arizona » 03 May 2005, 20:32

Dont. the progrM will take care of it. trust me. they dont want you to start late

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