California Medical License

Discuss about issues related to Medical licensing and specific requirements of all 50 State medical boards. Should one use the FCVS or not? Share tips and tricks to speed up the process of getting a medical license.

California Medical License

Postby Licensure Expert » 25 Jan 2004, 01:11

California Medical Licensure :arrow:

California is one of the tough states to get a license. If you are planning on doing a residency program inside California, you need to first get a "application Status letter". This is letter issued by the Medical Board of California" stating that your documents and application have been approved for STARTING post graduate training in California.

There are no limits on USMLE attempts. There is a 10 year time limit to complete all 3 steps of the USMLE. You can take the USMLE Step 3 at any time. There is no minimum PGY requirements to sit for the step 3 test.

Permanent medical licensure: US graduates, are eligible to apply for permanent medical license after completion of 1 year of GME / postgraduate training (Internship, Residency or Fellowship). International Medical graduates (IMGs) require completion of 2 years of GME / postgraduate training to be eligible to apply for permanent medical license.

Once you get application status letter and begin your residency, its very important to fill out Form L 3(post graduate training registration) and mail it to the medical board of california.

It is also very important that you mail a letter(and Form L8 Application update) to the medical board of california once a year saying that you are still interested in getting your license from California, and ask them to update your file. If you dont do this, they may throw your file out(abandoned application).

Fee is $ 505 for initial application processing and getting the application status letter. After 2 years of residency, when you apply for the permanent licensure, ask for a reduced initial license fee of $ 300. Otherwise, the regular fee is $ 600. Fees are for 2 year medical licenses.
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California Status evaluation letter

Postby Bindu » 26 Jan 2004, 22:44

I got the status evaluation letter for california in anticipation of a residency spot in Los Angeles. If I get the residency will I be given a permanent license?

ca letter

Postby new comer » 07 Jun 2004, 10:01

hi ...
can i get the applicant status letter from outside usa?
i'm not a us citizen and i'm planning to come to usa after about 2 months to take my step 2 cs and then apply for residency in california.
i got the lisencing packet but they need a social security number which of course i don't have. what should i do?
new comer

Re: California Status evaluation letter

Postby cal_girl » 18 Jul 2004, 23:05

Hi Bindu,
I am currently in the process of sending my documents to the CMB. Could you please tell me if you need a SSN# to send your documents. I am hoping to get my SSN# in 2 months but want to send my documents for review right away.


Bindu wrote:I got the status evaluation letter for california in anticipation of a residency spot in Los Angeles. If I get the residency will I be given a permanent license?

CA Letter : what if you one doesn't have SSN?

Postby jammy_s » 06 Sep 2004, 13:56

i had talked to a representative. As per her, you can leave the SSN field blank, if you don't have one.

CA Letter

Postby CA_Doc » 27 Sep 2004, 20:52

How long is it taking to get CA application Status Letter ?

ca letter

Postby ca letter » 28 Sep 2004, 16:28

anywhere from 2 months to 6 months
ca letter

Postby shahr4md » 20 Dec 2004, 09:34

Hi folks,

I have recently taken my step 3 and would like to know if I can fill out and mail the lisencing application for New York, California, and Florida ASAP before receiving my score in 4 weeks.
Also, what do you think about the Verification (?FVC) at the USMLE web site. Do you think I need to register. It costs $$$!!!

thank you so much...
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California medical license

Postby Licensure Expert » 06 Mar 2005, 18:15

A recent question asked by e mail:

Once we finish residency in US (outside of California) is it possible to get license in California.
If you are doing your residency outside California, but wish to get a medical license for California, then you must have completed 2 years of US post graduate training to apply.
Does Post Gratduate training mean residency or fellowship

Please reply
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Comparison between California, Texas and florida licenses

Postby Licensure Expert » 06 Mar 2005, 18:21

Comparison between California, Texas and florida licenses

You will not get Texas license easily for 3 reasons:

1) Texas is one of the 3 tough states. The other 2 are CA and FL. Each of these take 6-9 months to process your license and cost a lot. CA= $ 1000(application fee 550 + License fee $ 600), TX = $1300 (application fee 800 + License fee 500), FL = Exact amount unknown...about $ 1000.

2) Texas requires that you finish 3 years(For IMGs) of post graduate training in the USA before being ELIGIBLE to even apply for permanent licensure. PLEASE NOTE...ELIGIBILITY TO SIT FOR THE STEP 3 EXAM IS DIFFERENT THAN ELIGIBILITY TO APPLY FOR PERMANENT LICENSURE. For TX, you can take the step 3 anytime, but you wont get licensed prior to completing 3 yrs of post graduate training.

3) Esp for Texas, you have to give a written Jurisprudence test prior to getting licensed. This test is given only at Austin, Tx, therefore, you have to travel there, prepare for the test(books cost $ 150) and get more than 75% of the 50 questions correct to get licensed.

NEW YORK: I believe that you need to be a Green card holder or US citizen to get PERMANENT licensure in New York. For IMGs, the only loophole is that if you work in an underserved area, you can get a "special Permanent License". Please check on this to be sure on their website.
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Postby shahr4md » 07 Mar 2005, 06:14

Hi fellows,

I would like to know how I can get my NY license faster. I have been hired by an internal medicine group, but they are just waiting for me to get my NY license. My application is under review by the analysts at FCVS at this time. Are there ways to expedite the entire licensing proccess so that I getmy license faster?

Thank you.
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medical licensure

Postby NY » 07 Mar 2005, 06:41

Ask for an expediated review. pay an additional fee to FCVS. Call your medical school and ask them to send back your documents faster

California Applicant status evaluation letter

Postby CA » 12 Mar 2005, 11:53

The Medical Board of California wants to make sure your medical credentials are genuine and meet their requirements for licensure. So they start their licensure verification process even before u start your residency and issue you the Evaluation status letter. Once you get this, 80% of the work towards licensure in CA is done. Once you finish your residency, you pay the fees and submit some paperwork and get your licensure within 6-8 weeks.

california medical board

Postby Guest » 12 Mar 2005, 11:54

Contact california medical board and they will send you the whole BS application packet for the status letter. The whole packet is goofy and it takes about 8-10 months to get the letter. But you can apply if you can prove that you have applied for status letter. send an e mail to her name is Natalie Lowe and she is the corrospondent for the status letter in the california medical board. she will send you the packet and you can get the required information from her. I got this packet too but it is so goofy that instead of filling it, I am preparing for the exam. After my exams I will contact her for more informations. FYI to apply for this letter you should have your step1 &2 scores, your college transcript and medical degree/diploma ready for them as they want all the original documents. I am appearing in my exam on 23rd June. If you get more information about this please forward it to my e mail.
Good luck in everything

california medical license

Postby license » 12 Mar 2005, 11:54

califonia med board has become very efficinet. wait times are only 3-4 months now. great job arnold


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