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Postby star212 » 30 Aug 2005, 09:59

If a student comes from a med school that is not accredited by the LCME but is part of the territory of the United States like Puerto Rico, and the student graduates and takes Step 1,2 and CS, how can he/she obtain the full licensce(step3) or enter a Residency like Psyquiatry if that student can not participate in ERAS (or the match). I have heard about people finding a Residency, but they are few and I dont know them. If any of you can bring some light to the issue I will really aprecciate it.
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ECFMG certified

Postby ECCFMG » 30 Aug 2005, 10:37

You can enter a non accerideted residency. You may not get paid.

If your med school is not accreditated, then is it on the WHO list of med schools and on the list put out by ECFMG? I guess then you are considered a FMG. Are you ecfmg certified?

Postby star212 » 30 Aug 2005, 10:53

No and thats the problem, that school in particular is not accredited by the LCME but is part of the united states territories so is considered a"united states school" for that reason is not considered a foreign school, if it were the possibilities will be greater but it isnt.
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Re: Illinois Medical License

Postby confused doc » 17 Mar 2006, 22:42

could u plz advice..i need help

it was mentioned that IL licensing requires passing all steps in 5 attempts and that one year GME required to take step 3...
my question is..
5 attempts for all steps together? or for each step?
i am considering taking step 3 before applying for residency program and i have no visa problems (i'm a U.s. citizen)..would it be a problem to get a license later? (since i don't have one year of GME completed)
confused doc

For Deisree or Licensing Expert

Postby rickhunter » 28 Mar 2006, 12:18

I just wanted to find out if you were able to get an answer in regards to your question about the CME credits for the Illinois Temporary Physician Licensure. I was matched at an Illinois program and I have been a graduate for more than three years. Thanks
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il license attempts

Postby IL res » 21 Mar 2007, 22:23

could somebody please answer this for me..
i have 2 failed attempts on step1 (passed it the third time)
i have 3 failed attempts on step2ck(passed it the fourth time)
i passed step2cs in first attempt..
so i have total five failed attempts??
am i still eligible for IL license?? or have crossed the limit of attempts allowed??
since i dont have one year GME..can i take step3 and still be eligible for IL license??

somebody please answer!!
IL res
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step 2 CK you have 4 attempts

Postby plabforu » 04 Apr 2007, 15:43

No, you got it wrong.

Attempts are for each step in isolation. So for step 2 CK you have 4 attempts.
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plz help

Postby houstonian » 10 Apr 2007, 00:38

Illinois state medical board states that you can get your license either by examination or by endorsement. Does that mean the attempts will not count if you apply by endorsement? now coming to attempts, my question is that 5 attempts is for all the three exams together i.e step 1, 2 and 3 or maximum of 5 attempts in each individual exam? plz clarify, I would really appreciate it.
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Re: Illinois Medical License

Postby Reddy999 » 08 Jul 2008, 13:34

I believe it is 5 attempts at each step of the USMLE. If you find anything otherwise, please post here.
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