Texas Medical License

Discuss about issues related to Medical licensing and specific requirements of all 50 State medical boards. Should one use the FCVS or not? Share tips and tricks to speed up the process of getting a medical license.

texas temporary license

Postby texas » 06 Mar 2005, 19:37

are you talking about full license or the temporary license. i am an IMG and thinking about a job either in houston, texas or cincinnati and the time difference will be an inmportant factor.

Texas medical license

Postby TX » 06 Mar 2005, 19:38

My advice- go to cincinnati - very easy license process in Ohio. Texas doesnt differentiate between temp and permanent licensure. the process is the same. You will get a temp license only afetr you complete all the req for a permanent one (including the interview and Jurisprudence test in Austin) pain in the neck.....

Postby apricot » 13 Mar 2005, 09:23

you just need to apply for TX license in advance, it takes about 5 months if you use FCVS
being a physician in Texas is nice - no state income tax, property is cheap compared to North
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Texas. To practice temporarily

Postby Licensure Expert » 24 Mar 2005, 21:05

A recent e mail we received

I'm licensed in Texas. To practice temporarily (caring for a specific patient) in another state do I need to go through the entire licensing procedure or is there a way to go about this?
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Texas and new mexico licenses

Postby Licensure Expert » 25 Mar 2005, 08:56

Please specify which state you are looking at> ?? New Mexico?
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score for ophthomology

Postby indrani » 29 Sep 2005, 20:08

hi, can u please tell me,how much score i have to get for ophthomologhy speciality

suggestion for neurosurgeon

Postby dr » 29 Sep 2005, 20:31

hi, im a f1 status,with a score of 90 in step1 & appearing for step2 this month.my fiance is a US CITIZEN. i would like suggestions on how to apply for & procedure for neurosurgeon or possible anything related to surgery. thank you

In process texas license

Postby imtexas » 26 Oct 2005, 19:26

Hi , i applied to texas license since february 05 i graduated on june 05 internal medicine, i present the jurisprudence exam passed it and my application is with the licensure analyst (licensure division) and i am using FCVS ., the analyst is still asking info from my med school and my undergraduate by the way i am fifth pathway and i want to know how long it takes now in order to get to the interview so i can get my temp license. I already have a contract in a hospital and start day was sept 05 how long do i need to wait ??

Texas medical license

Postby Tx TX » 28 Oct 2005, 10:21

It takes roughly 1-2 months to process the info from your medical school. The most important thing to do is contact your med school and ask them to send in the papers that the licensure analysit wants.

You must also call the licensure analysit at least once a week and talk to her to determine the current status of your application.

You have to take a active interest in yuor licensure. No one else will. GL

just to clarify on Texas Medical Lic.

Postby ambee » 29 Dec 2005, 11:56

I know that this has been discussed in previopus posts, but I just wanted to be sure. I had heard that if you did not pass Step 1 the first time that you could not be licensed in Texas, but from what I have read here, you need to pass any of the step exams in at most 3 or 4 tries per exam?? Is that right? Does anyone have an idea as to how the rumor (I think) that heard about onlyu one chance to pass step 1 got started? Could there be some other regulation that I am not aware of?


tx license

Postby allthatandabagofdoritos » 04 Jan 2006, 12:59

Hey... anyone take the Tx jurisprudence test? If so, do you study? How does one register? What about that interview? What's it cost?

Am going to moonlight ob/gyn but not sure if the licensure fees are worth it now as my moonlighting opportunities aren't that lucrative?

ob/gyn PGY2

Re: Texas medical license

Postby Ari Mistral » 05 Feb 2006, 10:32

texas wrote:Thinking about going to Texas? Dont! Has lots and lots of regulations... medical license takes a long time- about 6-8 months if you are lucky, very slow medical board...just stick to easier states. even Florida and California(the tougher states) are easier and try to help you... overall very inefficient licensure process in Texas.

I would like to echo those remarks. Also, the Texas Medical Board is very legalistic and unsympathetic to you if you have had any problems (medical, etc.). If you've been out of medicine because you raised a family, be wary of moving to Texas. If you were out because of illness or whatever reason, avoid this state.

When it comes to interacting with physicians, Texas is very hostile and adversarial toward them, not to mention inefficient.

I failed in my appeal to secure a license here, and it was because I have not been in full-time practice. Never mind that I had excellent recent LoRs, never mind that I worked my tail off helping evacuees of Hurricanes Rita and Katrina, never mind that the part of Texas I moved to has a severe shortage of physicians.

Avoid Texas, and if you have to move (or stay) here: think twice about doing so.
Ari Mistral

Postby U-SMeLly » 14 Mar 2006, 23:07

I heard that Texas has some sort of list that your school must be on. Mine is not. Does this matter if you have fulfilled all other requirements, are board certified and have a license in another U.S. state?
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Postby Ari Mistral » 15 Mar 2006, 10:11

It does. And as Texas is a very difficult state enough if you have an American or Canadian degree, I believe if you are not from a school on that list, you are out of luck.

Ari Mistral

Jurisprudence exam

Postby fritomd » 21 Mar 2006, 18:30

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