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Discuss issues about your medical residency program with your peers. Violations of the 80 hr work week? Too much residency scut work? Discrimination? Bad attendings? Were your clinical decisions questioned? The perfect place to discuss & vent your problems anonymously. Network with other Residents & Fellows about Fellowship programs & opportunities .

Information on ResidencyProgram

Postby prabhukumar » 28 Aug 2008, 17:56

I just want to say that [deleted] is the best.... Because I was searching for a good residency program for my sister, by that time I saw the forum stating that the FMG is doing well, so I sing up with their web site to cross check. There I find the support by FMG that was too good. So friends be care full with the scam program. My suggestion....goes for http://www.[deleted].com
Thank you [deleted]
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