Discuss issues about your medical residency program with your peers. Violations of the 80 hr work week? Too much residency scut work? Discrimination? Bad attendings? Were your clinical decisions questioned? The perfect place to discuss & vent your problems anonymously. Network with other Residents & Fellows about Fellowship programs & opportunities .


Postby derma » 25 Aug 2008, 17:21

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Postby pavadaisamy » 27 Aug 2008, 12:53

While I was looking for a good residency program, one of my friend suggest me to have a glands on [deleted]... so I sing up with them, once I sing up I found that [deleted] was supporting the student in a wonderful manner. I am just telling everyone I know....I just signed up with http://www.[deleted].com and already they have me set up with a residency program...they helped 3 of my friends get materials and information too....they are so nice.
[deleted] is not the fraud company as too many fake postings say. I have since entered into a quite nice externship clinical hands-on position through them and have a nice LOR. If I do not match, they will scramble for me. So far all I can say are good things.

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