finished PGY1 8 months not promoted to PGY2, PLEASE advice

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finished PGY1 8 months not promoted to PGY2, PLEASE advice

Postby doc123 » 14 Aug 2008, 18:51

i did research for 4 years. My X boss helped me to get into IM program against the will of the program director. My scores are as follows step 1 85 and step 2-- 75(2nd attempt) CS passed, graduate of 2002.

I have done PGY1 for 8 months in IM , and I was not promoted to PGY2. I have ACGME evaluations ranging from 6 to 8 and in two of the rotations i scored 5. My program director gave a letter of recommendation and it is neutral. he mentioned i am hardworking, sincere, good work ethic, and she will be credited for the 8 months from July 2007 to Feb 2008.

However in ABIM report he gave unsatifactory and i got "0" credits. I don't understand this discrepancy. I emailed my program director and asked him. He mentioned that ABIM gives 1 full year credit and it wont give credit for few months. I called the ABIM personnel and they said it is not true, my PD can give satisfactory and i will get credits and i can apply for IM anywhere else.

I am looking for PGY2 in FP and PGY1 in FP (2009 match).

I contacted AAFP regarding the transfer of credits from IM to FP and my call was transferred to a program director in AAFP phone line and he mentioned that i will have funding issues for medicare.

The graduate medical education funding has already paid 60,000 dollars for my previous program for medicare for the duration of 8 months and the new program i join will not get this money. they have to pay from their pocket. few program don't have funding issues. GOD only know where are those programs

I am totally lost, i can't get into IM b/c i have "0" credits in ABIM report, and i have funding issues for PGY1 in FM and with 8 months of clinical experience i have very few chances in PGY2 in FM.

some one pllllllllllllllllllllllllllease advice.
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Re: finished PGY1 8 months not promoted to PGY2, PLEASE advice

Postby yolanda » 10 Feb 2010, 16:40

Why did you do only 8 months of internship and not a full year? You may consider talking with your program director to take you back for the remaining 4 months, calling the other programs to check if they have any openings, and looking for vacancies on

Re-entering the match is also another option.
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