Peds PL1 x 2yrs with 10/11 credits

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Peds PL1 x 2yrs with 10/11 credits

Postby maria2008 » 29 Jul 2008, 19:53

Hi friends,

I have spent 2 years as PL1 in a good peds residency program. My issue was difficulty in maintaining consistency with stress. In the end I was told to resign as I had not passed one rotation and that the program could not extend beyond 2 years. I did get 10/11 credits. I have recommendation letters from the program for moving on into a new program after completing one rotation as PL1 there. I am not sure if I will be considered for a PGY2 position or I have to apply for PGY1 again. I have heard that it will be diffcult to get into a second year and even restarting as intern is going to be very diffcult. Please advise if all that I am hearing is correct and the options that I have at this time.
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Re: Peds PL1 x 2yrs with 10/11 credits

Postby ResidencySurvive » 02 Aug 2008, 18:16

Hi, Never resign.

If you resign you will get nothing.

But if they fire you, they have to pay you some money. NEVER RESIGN.
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