programs participating in the ERAS

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programs participating in the ERAS

Postby derma » 07 Jul 2008, 08:33

[deleted] a subsidiary of Adeptol and are a bunch of doctors who went through the NRMP process ourselves and realized that very little information is available regarding the programs participating in the ERAS and it is a very expensive and time consuming process to gather all the needed information. Certain sites do provide this information, but charge hundred's of dollars for it. So [deleted] made it easy to the entire student. So visit [deleted].com, for further information

Re: programs participating in the ERAS

Postby pavadaisamy » 08 Jul 2008, 10:20

I am writing this to alert anyone intending on using electronic residency for your scramble application. Please think twice about using them. They are a SCAM run by some nobody posing as two doctors with MD and PhD Degrees that cannot be verified with any licensing board. I fell for their scam and am going to file complaints with the FBI, News media and local authorities where they supposedly are located. Please take your hard earned money, pray and use ERAS (which incidentally they tell you to use after you pay them and they stop communicating with you).

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