Program director discriminations Help

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Program director discriminations Help

Postby zara4 » 26 Jun 2008, 12:52

I have a problem with the former program director she didn’t like me at the first please she made to repeat PGY1 now I am in PGYII she is drive me crazy by telling me
I can’t speak English!!! She is a facility now but she is chasing me
She post my language issue every where on my evolutions
I need help I think this is discriminations to by law
I am sure about my language and my communications they are perfect
Need advices
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Re: Program director discriminations Help

Postby robin082006 » 02 Aug 2008, 14:44

Sorry to hear that.

You are not alone, lots of IMGs have language problems.

You will improve your skill if your are confident.

The problem is that if somebody c/o your English, you may lose your confidence when you discuss with her/him and then the issue is getting worse.
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Re: Program director discriminations Help

Postby ResidencySurvive » 02 Aug 2008, 14:55

I am an IMG and was also complained of my English, this made me depressed and crazy. I am in the 1st month of residency, everything is new to me so I often ask again to make sure I understand clearly, this makes me in trouble. In addition, I did not know why a senior resident dislikes me and continuously tells bad evaluation behind my back. I never offense him but he always follows what I am doing and then tells PD. I lost my confidence, has sleep deprivation (I sleep 3-4 hours/day) and things getting worse as you said. Please advise. thanks
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