Externship, Observership in US Hospitals

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Externship, Observership in US Hospitals

Postby hojinl » 22 Apr 2008, 20:19

I'm a non-US citizen FMG, applying for 2009 NRMP match (pre-match would be nice, but unlikely). I have already worked 6 years, after the graduation.

I would like to know how Externship, Observership and Clerkship are different.

In addition, how much are they vital in applying for the residency? Which one (Externship, Observership) is better to do?

Finally, how do I go about getting those Clinical Experiences? (ie apart from the agencies)

I'm about to join the research team for a year (in a major University - in US Top 20) under an American Professor who has more 30 years of research experience and receiving grants from government in millions (on a volunteer basis). This is a great opportunity, right?
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Re: Externship, Observership in US Hospitals

Postby TangoMe » 08 Jul 2008, 14:56

Are u kidding. That research position will open doors for you. Dont worry about externship and observorship. They both mean the same for your situation.
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