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Postby Guest » 01 Dec 2005, 16:50

is the law suit real?

Nothing but the truth

Postby uvula jones » 05 Dec 2005, 16:00

As real as the ACGME violations

As real as the 5 residnts who have left the program

As real as 6 faculty that have either left or now only precept

As real as the fact they have no real inpatient hospital service

As real as the fact at least 2 interns from this years class will be leaving

As real as the possibility they may be cutting the program to 4 residents per year

and yes as real as the Federal Civil Suit recently filed against Duke University Hospital by a former Family Med Resident who was treated rather poorly by the Former Program Director.

Peace and be kind to all Uvulas everywhere.
uvula jones

Postby Guest » 06 Dec 2005, 07:33

But what is the substance of the lawsuit?

Also, while I pretty much agree with most of what's been posted here about the program, to be fair they are not on probation per se, just they did not get the full five year accredation.

Also I know one of the interns who is leaving and he is leaving because his parents are and they have to take care of them.

response to lawsuit?

Postby Uvula Jones1 » 06 Dec 2005, 15:09

You are absolutely right, the program as far as I know was not put on probation instead they were given a “short cycle.” This means in 2 years the ACGME will be sending a specialist site visitor (i.e. an M.D.) to Duke Family Medicine instead of a regular staff member. The TWELVE violations that were found during the Feb. 2005 site visit are the reason for this.

While one of the interns may be leaving for family reasons the 5 residents who left (1 third year, 1 second year and 3 interns) prior all left due to the way they were treated by Dr. Gradison, Dr. Halstater and Dr. Michener and to some degree due to the, let us say, “half truths” they were told while there and while interviewing regarding the curriculum. I know of a second intern who is leaving due to his/her dismay over how the program was presented inaccurately and the current direction it is taking (i.e. continued talk of downsizing the program and more of a focus on “community medicine”)

As for the nature of the lawsuit, contact the Clerk at the Greensboro Federal Courthouse 336-332-6000, ask for case # 05CV00969, and anyone can get a copy of it as it is public record.
Uvula Jones1

Postby Guest » 06 Dec 2005, 16:03

It is kind of freaky around there. I get these incredibly bad vibes every time I go over there.

Postby VAGINISMUS » 11 Dec 2005, 09:43


Will the exodus ever stop

Postby yet another gone » 23 Dec 2005, 18:19

As mentioned before two of the current interns plan to leave at the end of this year. 5 residents left before these two and just this week another (second year) resident has resigned from the program. Of course all is well at Duke Family Medicine and the Administration is surely not in the least bit responsible for the continued exodus.

tally stands at:

at least 8 residents will have left between Nov. 2003 - June 2006

and Four faculty gone too in a little less than two years. (two also went from fulltime to precepting once weekly at best)

Of course as the current PD will attest two however, this is average.

Not sure what stats he is looking at that say 33% of residents starting a family med program will resign voluntarily?????????????? Let me know if anyone can find this stat.
yet another gone

FIx it

Postby Fix it » 28 Jan 2006, 08:29

So sad. Seems like maybe they should get rid of the real problems not the residents and faculty. :? :?
Fix it

come on!

Postby what to do » 16 Feb 2006, 14:46

You'd think they would get ride of the problems but instead they just promoted one of the worst faculty members??? mind boggling.
what to do

It's Cool

Postby Gues » 24 Feb 2006, 18:28

Here's the problem:

Progress in the last 2 weeks:
1. A new structure for faculty roles/responsibilities has been designed and presented. Monday is the deadline for current faculty to self-identify if they want to be considered for one of 3 core residency faculty positions. Selection will be based on an interview process which will include both residents and faculty.

2. ---------- has joined us on half-time special assignment to assist in the resdesign effort. His technical expertise and educational background will be very helpful in restructuring our evaluation and other systems.

3. Task forces are being established to address 4 key areas for improvement:
Evaluation systems
Metrics tracking
Procedure training
The first meetings for these groups will be March 7 and 20. Check the March conference schedule for more specifics. We need broad participation, so I hope to see you there!

4. At the request of the 3rd year's, we're going to pilot a daily evaluation form for residents to use to assess the preceptor. This will be an interim measure while we develop our overall new evaluation systems, and will give us a chance to see how well this type of evaluation will work. I hope to have a draft to circulate for input next week, and start using it in another week.

5. We're studying the problem of exam room numbers. As our number of providers grows, it's likely that both faculty and third year's will have 2 rooms for some clinic sessions. We need to figure out exactly what the roadblocks are so we can make it possible to work efficiently in limited space. Please let me know if you have ideas!

6. Curriculum Committee meetings will be held every month. These will be our major time to go down the list of action items and make sure we're making good progress. The March meeting will be at noon on the 17th. Everyone (resident and faculty) is encouraged to attend!

I think that's it for now. Let me know if I've left out anything you'd like to know about!

Postby gues » 24 Feb 2006, 21:02

So you see, the administration is aware of some of the problems and they are taking concrete steps to fix them. They have been very open about the problems with the residency and are seek resiudents input, as in the plan above, to fix these few minor problems.

I realize that the program has some problems but it is not as bad as many are making it out to be. As long as your focus is community medicine you will be perfectly happy at Duke Family Medicine.

Residency just sucks any where you go and I don't think it;s fair to blame the program for the general suckines of residency.

too little too late

Postby Apollo » 27 Feb 2006, 13:51

"Residency just sucks any where you go and I don't think it;s fair to blame the program for the general suckines of residency."

What kind of BS statement is this. Residency is tough but it doesn't usually suck. I kind of like my residency program but after speaking with some of your fellow residents it sounds like yours does [suck].

The simple sad facts

Postby LSU Rules » 24 Mar 2006, 09:09

Well match has come and gone.

As suspected Duke didn't fill.

In fact matched 2 of 6 spots and only scrambled in 2 for a total of 4 poor souls for this years intern class.

As suspected 2 interns leaving (stay tuned maybe more)

Second year class has only 4 residents

Down to 4 current interns

Program now 4-4-4, good luck with any kind of continuity service and keeping the four interns you matched or scrambled as 2 have left from the last 3 intern classes since 2003.

Anyone tell the 2 people that actually matched the program has been cut to four??? Ahh, just surprise them when they arrive.

Anyone tell the RRC that now 5 residents will be leaving the program since their last visit. That's pretty much average though right? I mean most programs offering 6 spots lose 8-9 residents in a three year span.

I know those there don't like the bad press but look deep inside and ask yourself why you think it exists. It can't be that the current and former residents, faculty, and staff have been treated with respect or even like valuable employees can it???

Lets just take a brief tally:

1. Over 33% of residents starting the program have left over the last 3 years as well as several faculty, and staff .
2. A federal civil suit (public record) has been levied against the program by a former resident.
3. The RRC found 12 violations at a recent site visit. (This was the residents fault however, as they make up the curriculum right.)
4. The program has been cut from 8 residents to 4 in 4 years time.

This is all of coarse the fault of just a few bad residents, or maybe just one.
:? :? :?

Please let me know if what I have written is inaccurate in any way. How can anyone blame me/us for not wanting others to experience the same poor treatment I/we have. Perception is reality as we were taught.
LSU Rules

Don't Involve Me...

Postby Don't Drag Me In » 25 Mar 2006, 21:45

I am one of the interns who is leaving. And I went to LSU. Quit trying to drag me into your little vendetta by using "LSU Rules" as a screen name.

I matched into Emergency Medicine so as you can see I have other reasons for leaving the program besides any problems, real or imaginary, with the program.

The other intern who is leaving also matched into Emergency Medicine and while I don't speak for him, one might surmise that this is the reason he is leaving.
Don't Drag Me In


Postby NCAA » 26 Mar 2006, 05:29

Didn't Duke recently get knocked out of NCAA tournament by LSU?? Don't be so touchy. There is about a 100% chance this username had nothing to do with whoever you are.


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